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My journey to Post-Traumatic Growth

On a rainy April evening in 1993, a serial killer responding to an ad for Heather Callahan’s used car, attacked her on the street in front of her Denver home and left her for dead. Heather didn’t die. She refused to, thinking, as her blood pooled in the rain-soaked street: This is wrong. I am not going to die, not now, not this way.
Heather not only survived in the aftermath of this terrible attack, she thrived, her indomitable spirit a testament to her physical, emotional, and psychological recovery. She came to understand this unexpected and powerful blossoming as Post-Traumatic Growth. 
A Drop of Rain, her extraordinaire memoir, demonstrates in no uncertain terms that life doesn’t stop when you become a victim. Indeed, she is living proof that the most horrific traumas we face may also, in the long run, be the most significant turning points in our lives.
Heather Smith Callahan

Heather is a story teller and surviving a serial killer attack is a big story to tell.  What happened? How did she survive? What helped her get through it?  Sharing her story started as a means of healing. It began with classroom presentations and keynotes for fundraisers. Then there were media interviews of all kinds and an appearance on the Oprah Winfrey Show.  Soon she found that sharing her story enabled Heather to give back and help others.  


Heather used her storytelling skills to build a successful career in IT, data storage management, and security.  Her success was due in great measure to her tenacity, her refusal to give in to fear, and her ability to fuse compassion into long-standing and trustful partnerships.   


Along the way, she discovered ...

“Heather Callahan is one of the most courageous and insightful women I know, and that comes through clearly in this well-written and important book. Highly recommended.”
— Steve Jackson, New York Times bestselling author of Monster

June 20, 2018

No one is immune to trauma. Seventy-five percent of us will experience a trauma in our lifetime. It can be our health, an act of war, displacement, the loss of a loved one, an acci...

May 1, 2018

A Drop of Rain is more than a memoir, it is a love story too. My readers tell me over and over again how they cried after reading my book. The tears did not fall from reading about...

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