@2018 Heather Smith Callahan, A Drop of Rain

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Heather is a story teller and surviving a serial killer attack is a big story to tell.  What happened? How did she survive? What helped her get through it?  Sharing her story started as a means of healing. It began with classroom presentations and keynotes for fundraisers. Then there were media interviews of all kinds and an appearance on the Oprah Winfrey Show.  Soon she found that sharing her story enabled Heather to give back and help others.  
Heather used her storytelling skills to build a successful career in IT, data storage management, and security.  Her success was due in great measure to her tenacity, her refusal to give in to fear, and her ability to fuse compassion into long-standing and trustful partnerships.   
Along the way, she discovered that Post-Traumatic Growth had, unbeknownst to her, become a significant part of her life.  The trauma of her attack was fueling her recovery and propelling her to new heights of discovery.  
Heather made a promise to herself. She would tell her entire story, and she would do so by writing a book that chronicled her attack and the amazing growth and change she has experienced post-trauma.  The healing and growth, she has been surprised to discover, have continued to evolve. This evolution includes the active Colorado lifestyle she enjoys with her husband and three energetic boys.  
Heather Smith Callahan